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Nokia Phone Unlocker Full Versionl




Great Product, Bad Phone Support 1 out of 1 found this review helpful. Did you? Reviewed by GOOOH AWESOME!!! Date:January 11, 2015 This is the worlds best way to unlock your android. Before I had to go online to do it and put myself at risk, and by having to re-enter codes to get it right. I paid $50 for this product, and I am glad I did! After the code was sent to me, and I entered it, it locked me back out and told me it needed a server reboot to finish. I understand there are still people out there who have trouble with this and that is fine, they were not in luck when they bought it. My recommendation for this product is to go with Google phone support. They have a very friendly phone support representative who is willing to help you with anything you need. I got in touch with her and she helped me out with everything I asked, she walked me through the process in a way that was very helpful. She even helped me to create my own icon, I asked and she did it for me. I cannot comment on the product itself, but the support is great. If you are a new customer to this company, I would definitely recommend them. I feel this is a very good product and I would definitely buy more from them. Great Product, Poor Customer Support Reviewed by Angrybad Date:January 8, 2015 The product is great and it is the only way to do this. When you get the code email, you put it in and it does everything for you. However, the support is terrible. After I got the code, there was no answer on the phone for 2 hours. I finally got a rep on the phone who asked me the code. Then, after 30 seconds, he put me back on the phone with no reps and I was locked out of my account. It was useless. Don't buy the product from this company. Helpful Pros: It works Cons: The support is useless Solid Product, Poor Customer Support 2 out of 3 found this review helpful. Did you? Reviewed by Rob This unlocker has some good advantages, but there is a really bad disadvantage as well. After




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Nokia Phone Unlocker Full Versionl

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